Kate's Bubble Birthday Party- The Pictures

Kate is 3!!!

A table fit for a princess!

Bubble cupcakes made by Mae Mae

Make A Wish!

Minnie Pearl didn't want me to cut that tag off. I finally convinced her she could see better without it.

Our sweet family and so many good friends came to celebrate Kate turning three!

Best Buds: Annie, Kate and Lanier

Mr. Bob, Mrs. Ouise, and Charlotte
Mr. Stephen, Mrs. Natalie and Emory

Lanier (better known around our house as Banier)

A few of Alex's future girlfriends and their mama's (Emory not pictured)

Mrs. Jessica who deserves a post all her own.

Lila's not too sure about sharing her Daddy with Brudda Boy

Aunt Lulu and Lila Girl

Sweet Mrs. Deanie somehow ended up on present detail. She helped Kate open all her gifts.

Such a fun day!

Nana and Brudda Boy- check out those thighs!

All tuckered out!

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