In Her Words- 2

In the morning while I get ready for work Kate and Brother Boy play in our room, usually on the bed. The other day as I put my makeup on I saw in the mirror that Kate had leaned down and put her head on Alex's chest. Then I heard her say; "Brother Boy, I can hear your heart burping".

Out of the mouths of babes!



It's been 5 years since we tied the knot. In a way I feel like it was just yesterday that we said "I do" but it also seems like I've known you for my whole life. In 5 years we've lived in 4 different homes and two different states, had two kids, met new friends, lost people we loved, experienced professional challenges, found our church family, grew deeper in our relationship with God, and laughed and loved through all of it! I love you as my husband but more than that I love you as the father of my children. I remember when a cute young couple lived next door to us when I was growing up and telling my mom how much fun I thought it would be to always have a friend to live with you. Now I am lucky enough to experience that first hand- and it is fun! Thanks for letting me be myself and for loving every part of me (even the part that folds the laundry and doesn't put it away).

Honeymoon 2006

Here's to many more!


Before I forget...


This is because I know one day you will be grown and your little teenage hormones will take over and I want to remember this moment There is not a single day that goes by right now when you don't say, "Mommy, you are my best friend I ever met." I hope you will always feel this way. I think deep down you will. I already cringe when I think about those years where we may butt heads because I will want what's best for you and you may not understand that but for now I will savor these unbelievably precious moments. Because my mom is my best friend and always has been, I have great hope for our relationship. Because I can already see how big your heart is and how sweet your spirit is I know we will always be friends. Of course, being your mom is my first job I hope you will always hold me in as high regard as you do right now. Your my best friend I ever met too little bitty. Your three year old wisdom is remarkable and there is no one else on earth I'd rather hang out with!

You think pretty highly of your daddy too by the way. Yesterday in the car you asked me if Spiderman was a bad guy. I told you that no, he was a good guy even though he looks a little scary. I said, "he's a super hero". You replied quickly, "like daddy". Yes, daddy is a super hero isn't he?

I love you very much little friend!



Tub Time

Brudda Boy, you sure do love your bath. When I pour water over your head you start kicking your legs like crazy and laughing hysterically. It is one of my favorite times of the day. I hope you aren't mad at me one day for posting these tub pictures. That little chubby body is so dang cute!


Kate's Bubble Birthday Party- The Pictures

Kate is 3!!!

A table fit for a princess!

Bubble cupcakes made by Mae Mae

Make A Wish!

Minnie Pearl didn't want me to cut that tag off. I finally convinced her she could see better without it.

Our sweet family and so many good friends came to celebrate Kate turning three!

Best Buds: Annie, Kate and Lanier

Mr. Bob, Mrs. Ouise, and Charlotte
Mr. Stephen, Mrs. Natalie and Emory

Lanier (better known around our house as Banier)

A few of Alex's future girlfriends and their mama's (Emory not pictured)

Mrs. Jessica who deserves a post all her own.

Lila's not too sure about sharing her Daddy with Brudda Boy

Aunt Lulu and Lila Girl

Sweet Mrs. Deanie somehow ended up on present detail. She helped Kate open all her gifts.

Such a fun day!

Nana and Brudda Boy- check out those thighs!

All tuckered out!


Weekend Camera Phone Recap

Brudda Boy helping out with the laundry

Even princesses have to do the dishes.


Brudda Boy

Baptism 2.20.2011
That's the name you go by around our house. Daddy is a little worried that it might stick. I'm sad that it probably won't. I didn't want to go another day without getting your mug on the blog. Little man, you have got me so unbelievably wrapped around your finger right now that I don't know if I'll ever get undone. I mean, I.AM.OBSESSED. Don't get me wrong, I adore Sister Girl but this is a whole new kinda love. I'm sure it has something to do with you being my second baby. I'm so much more relaxed with you and I'm also trying hard to soak up every moment with you in this stage. I certainly know how fast it goes. You are so easy. You really might be the most laid back, chilled out little guy I have ever known. There are days that will go by that I don't hear you really get cranky and cry. You have a gummy little smile that could melt me. You are tipping the scales at 18 lbs. which seems quite remarkable. Each thigh easily makes up for 5 of those pounds. Your sister is your biggest fan. She adores you and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Sometimes we tell her to back up and give you some space but I'm pretty sure you like her there. You have discovered her hair and like to pull it. She laughs when you do and I'm certain that will change with time. I still see little boy things and have to remind myself that I will get to have those things. I was so shocked that you were a boy, I think I am still getting used to it. I am certain that you are just the one I wanted though and just the one I was supposed to get.