Peyton informed me today that he had sent the blog link to some of our friends. I had no idea he even knew what the blog link was let alone would send it out. It made me realize that I have not posted in FOREVER and probably needed to update since it has been over a month. To my 3 or 4 followers, I apologize for the slacking. I have a good excuse though- the emergency clinic I am managing opened November 10 and we have been so busy. My work days have been long and time with the family is precious. I have no new pictures but will try to come up with something to add to this post. We did manage to take the Christmas card picture this weekend but I can't post that or it will ruin the surprise for those getting cards. They are cute though and our little model is quite the subject. The girl knows what a camera is and just lights up when we take her picture. I'm sure it has something to do with her wondering why on earth mom and dad are talking crazy and acting like idiots behind that little silver thing. The things you do to get your child to smile for the camera!

In other baby news, Kate is really sitting up great. It is so nice to be able to plop her down on the floor and have her entertain herself with all her little toys. She's rolling over too. She now goes from her back to her stomach at night and sleeps so good. She doesn't always remember how to get from her stomach to her back which alarms her a bit but she's getting there. I truly believe babies are just meant to sleep on their tummies. Don't call child protective services on me just yet, I can assure Kate has spent every night of her short life on her back and has only started sleeping on her belly now that she can get there herself. She just seems to sleep so much sounder and it must be more comfortable for her. I'm just glad we have reached that point.

We are headed to Natchitoches, LA (where Steel Magnolias was filmed)this weekend to see A LOT of Peyton's family that we adore. Kate will get to meet her amazing cousins from Dallas and I can't wait for that. We are especially close to them from our time in Houston and it is hard to believe Kate hasn't met them yet. This will be a really special trip for all of this. December is shaping up to be busy as always but I have this new excitement for Christmas that I haven't had in a really long time. I have always loved Christmas but this year it will be so much fun with Kate and Liza. I don't expect Kate to get it but just having little ones around for Christmas again makes it something to really look forward to. Hopefully, I will have some time to post over the next few weeks but I hope everyone enjoys this Holiday season and holds their friends and families especially close. We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for and this is such a great time to stop and remind ourselves of that. Happy Holidays!