Super Crawl Sunday

It is official- we have a crawler!! She is not playing around anymore and is really on the go. She's pretty fast too which makes me nervous. Every now and then she will stop and look back at me with that toothy little grin like "try and catch me mama"! I know that life as we know it is over but I must say it was getting hard to watch her get so frustrated not being able to get anywhere. She seems quite pleased with herself now and is exploring the whole house. I am going to have to make sure I keep my floors clean or her little knees are going to give me away! There's really nothing cuter than a smiling baby headed straight to you on all fours. Things are just getting better and better around here.

It's been a long week. I am recovering from the worst sore throat of my life which turned out to be mono. I'm sure I picked it up working at the clinic (not kissing any patients mind you) but hopefully I am through the worst of it. I had it once before in college and I don't feel as tired this time around so I'm hoping it isn't as bad. I've had a quiet weekend while Peyton attended wedding festivities for a friend. Today has been beautiful though so Kate and I got out for a stroll and to the grocery store.

Tonight's the super bowl. May the best team win I guess. I can safely say that I could care less. Last year was a little interesting because we like the Giants but the teams this year just don't do it for me. And let's be honest, are the commercials every really that good?? We did pick up some 3D glasses at the grocery store for something that is going to happen at half time so maybe that will be worth watching. We'll see! Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend. We are just gearing up for another action packed week around here. Hope everyone has a good one!