Third Year's A Charm

This post is a little late but I'm sure most of you are coming to expect that these days. I am the Queen of Procrastination! Two weeks ago, on June 3, Peyton and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary!! What a whirlwind 3 years it has been. We have lived in 3 different houses in two different states, each had a couple of different jobs and most important of all- had a baby!!
That was us on the day we went to get our marriage license. This is where we were for our anniversary this year:

And this is where we ate:

And don't worry, we did not forget about Kate. Along with her very first SEASIDE tee-shirt she got this:

Have I mentioned she is obsessed with "DAWGS". Needless to say, this book has been a hit. I highly recommend it. She has begged us to read it with her a million times since we brought it home. We missed her while we were gone but it was really nice to get away and reconnect! Of course, Seaside is the perfect escape. It is so unique and beautiful that even as frequent beach goers we can justify a vacation here. I highly recommend it too!

Sorry there are no pictures of Kate this post. I have some new ones on my other camera and will post soon. She's as dramatic as ever and still having little melt downs when things don't go her way. She melted onto the kitchen floor the other day and didn't like the feel of that so moved over to the rug in front of the sink so she could have her tantrum on a soft surface. All we can do is laugh at our little drama queen! We are having to teach her that "uh, oh" is reserved for actual accidents and not when you throw your food on the floor on purpose. It's pretty cute to hear though and I must admit, it helps her get away with it just a bit. Hope everyone is having a great week- I know we are looking forward to Father's Day at the Beach!! Take care!