Before I forget...


This is because I know one day you will be grown and your little teenage hormones will take over and I want to remember this moment There is not a single day that goes by right now when you don't say, "Mommy, you are my best friend I ever met." I hope you will always feel this way. I think deep down you will. I already cringe when I think about those years where we may butt heads because I will want what's best for you and you may not understand that but for now I will savor these unbelievably precious moments. Because my mom is my best friend and always has been, I have great hope for our relationship. Because I can already see how big your heart is and how sweet your spirit is I know we will always be friends. Of course, being your mom is my first job I hope you will always hold me in as high regard as you do right now. Your my best friend I ever met too little bitty. Your three year old wisdom is remarkable and there is no one else on earth I'd rather hang out with!

You think pretty highly of your daddy too by the way. Yesterday in the car you asked me if Spiderman was a bad guy. I told you that no, he was a good guy even though he looks a little scary. I said, "he's a super hero". You replied quickly, "like daddy". Yes, daddy is a super hero isn't he?

I love you very much little friend!