Pickles and Ice Cream

No, I'm not pregnant!! Kate had two firsts over the weekend while we were visiting Bebe and Poppy. I gave her one of those miniature dill pickles just to see what she would do with it and she loved it. I didn't get a picture of that. Her Bebe gave her the ice cream cone and as you can see, she loved it too! When was the last time you experienced that much glee over something as simple as an ice cream cone? I know I had as much fun watching her as she had eating it. I did have to strip her down to get out of GG's house without destroying anything. It was a mess but well worth it!! Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

You mean I get to eat this??

It's kind of cold but I think I like it!

Now I'm getting the hang of it.

Yeah- this is good stuff!!! More please!


It's Official...

We're moving!! It's actually been official for about a month now but of course I'm just now getting to it. It's been a whirlwind but we really do feel like we've found our dream house. Peyton is convinced that this is our "Forever House" but being the gypsy that I am, forever seems like a long time. My friends are calling it my "Big Girl House" so I like that. The house was built in 1964ish and needs some love that we are more than willing to give it. Love is expensive!! We are completely gutting the kitchen and opening it up into the den. We've created a laundry room and a foyer and cut a pass through from the dining room into the den. I'm posting some before pictures that might make you think we've lost our minds but we have an excellent draftsman and contractor and they both assure us we have done the right thing!! I'll post more pictures as we move along. We have everything framed and are waiting on a permit to get the electrical work done. Then comes sheetrock and that will really make it all come together. Of course there will be new appliances, floors, ceilings, cabinets, etc., etc., etc., so we have our work cut out for us. It's been fun though.

In Kate news. The baby is a toddler. She is 16 months and busy, busy, busy. She is all over the place and quite full of herself but she's hilarious. My Dad asked me to tell him something funny she did recently so I told him about me finding her on the bathroom floor with a mouth full of Tums. I'm sure she thought they were delicious. I have no idea how she got the top off. She's talking up a storm and dances her little heart out. She certainly has opinions about things though and it is usually her way or the highway. Girls are sassy aren't they? I have absolutely no idea where she gets it... Ha!! She's saying too many words to list but one of my favorites is "bee". A bee is any type of insect or small dark colored object including a freckle on my arm. She is still very much obsessed with dogs but has now developed a little interest in cats as well. She is keeping us very entertained and on our toes. Life is good!

Hope everyone in blog world is doing well. Most of you have probably given up on me. Life is busy, isn't it!! I'll do my best to update about the house.

Oh, and one more...

Check out those thighs!!!