The Pictures

Here are those pictures I promised several nights ago. I've only got a few minutes while Elmo baby sits. These are just random shots from the last few weeks. I have loved every moment of life with Kate but must admit 18-19 months has been my favorite so far. She's repeating almost everything we say and really starting to talk on her own. She's pretty funny too and knows how to make us laugh. She's adjusted to the new house better than expected and seems to be doing fine in her new school. Kids are so much braver than we are!Enjoy the pics and hopefully I'll be back soon.


It's been a while...

Sorry. No excuses really other than life. Well, actually I do have some excuses. Crazy busy at work, new house, new daycare, football season, travel, etc. I guess that explains my absence from blog world. I heard the blog was "inactive" which sent me into panic mode. I just wanted to update and say pictures to come. I am posting pictures of Kate tonight (in a minute so I don't burn the dinner that is on the stove) and will post the renovation pics on Monday. They are pretty amazing. We just have to get all the "junk" out of the way so everyone can see our progress. Be back soon.