The Big Day

and then


I am fairly certain that God is not interested or involved in politics but we can pray that no matter what the outcome of today, our national and local leaders will always use Him to guide them. I have been nervous about this election and feel like it is the most important one of my lifetime. I feel very calm today though knowing that God is in control and He will always keep us safe.

Let's all pray that people will exercise their right to vote and be thankful that we have these freedoms. Let's pray that these candidates will use Him to guide their decision making. Let's pray that they will always turn to Him as they enter into this long journey getting our country back on track. Let's pray for their families and their children as they are so involved in this as well. Let's turn it all over to God and know that he is in control and will ALWAYS do what is in our best interest because he loves us so much!